Release History

1.0 2006-11-12 Maven 2 Plugin, PMD CPD, maintenance
0.9.1 2006-08-29 Maintenance
0.9.0 2006-05-06 Maintenance release and new xml format
0.8.0 2006-03-16 Maintenance, Cobertura and Maven 2 plugin release
0.7.2 2005-07-20 Maintenance release
0.7.1 2005-07-06 maintenance release
0.7 2005-06-27 first release

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Release 1.0 - 2006-11-12

add QALab chart will show an explicit drop to 0 for a given type if there are no statistics 28h before the last date of all series. benoitx
add QALab chart will use a specific stroke for each type (eg pmd/checkstyle/etc). benoitx
add QALab chart will use a specific colour for each type (eg pmd/checkstyle/etc). benoitx
fix Movers report now include Cobertura line and branch by default, the statistics are 100-value so that they show a positive trend if value goes up. Thanks to Shelby for the suggestion. benoitx
add Move to Subversion! marchy
add Added support for PMD CPD (Copy Paste Detector) as an alternative to Simian (non-open source). benoitx
fix Thomas Stofer reported some issues with SAX parser on JDK 1.4 and Ant. [buildchart ] org.xml.sax.SAXException: System property org.xml.sax.driver not specified (thanks Tom!) benoitx
fix Geoff Bennett reported that the XSL for Charts was overriding the size of the generated charts, this is now fixed. Thanks for reporting it. benoitx

Release 0.9.1 - 2006-08-29

add Chart axis titles are now configurable. Thanks to David Corley for the suggestion. benoitx
fix Changed merge default to action=replace and use timestampdateonly=true. benoitx
add Following an issue reported by Kelly Goedert, the list items are now trimmed to ignore any space in the "csv" style declaration of summaryType and type. benoitx
fix Fix documentation for the mover reports (it accepts a startTimeWindow/endTimeWindow). Thanks to Thomas Stofer. benoitx
add Thanks to Thomas Stofer for providing a test case for this. We added a new parameter hoursOffsetForLastRun for Movers. If you set the setHoursOffsetForLastRun to 0, QALab will expect an EXACT match of the endTimeWindow for the last statistics, if there is no such a stat, it will deduct that the value is now 0. Otherwise it will decide whether it fell down to 0 or not by looking over the last 24h (and if there is no stat, it will assume that it fell to 0). This parameter may be useful for people who create multiple qalab stats for a day. benoitx

Release 0.9.0 - 2006-05-06

fix Add a default of "checkstyle,pmd,findbu gs,simian" for the accepted items in summary chart (for maven2 plugin). benoitx
fix removed JDK 1.5 dependency, thanks to Jeff Jensen and Thomas Stofer for spotting it. benoitx
fix Improved documentation for some parameters. benoitx
fix NEW qalab XML Format: qalab has a version attribute and file now has a valid ID (only alphanumeric/_/.) and a new path attribute. The migration to the new DTD and format is automatic. If timestamp is a date only, the format will simply be yyyy-mm-dd without any time. benoitx
fix New movers XML Format: file has also a path attribute that contains "/", this in turn is used in the XSL to create links to the Cobertura report. benoitx

Release 0.8.0 - 2006-03-16

fix Thanks to Dave Sag for reworking the filename utility. davesag
add Include Cobertura (coverage) in supported formats. benoitx
add Welcoming Dave Sag to the dev team (maven2 plugin!). benoitx
add Replaced javadoc with yDoc (UML diagrams). benoitx
fix changed default location for checkstyle raw report from target/checkstyle-raw-report.xml to target/checkstyle/checkstyle-raw-report.xml (due to change to the checkstyle plugin 3.0.1-SNAPSHOT) benoitx

Release 0.7.2 - 2005-07-20

fix Plug in to use a properties file for qalab.merge.timestampdateonly and co. benoitx
fix When using date only, use midnight as default date. benoitx
fix Maven plug-in adapted to work in a multi-project env. benoitx
add Added a maillist for QALab annoucements. benoitx
fix IMPORTANT!! qalab.xml format changed, 'errorcount' replaced by 'statval'. Please change your qalab.xml if you have one (straight find/replace). benoitx

Release 0.7.1 - 2005-07-06

fix Creating an empty qalab.xml did not work for JDKs before 1.5/5.0. Thanks to Ekin Gulen. benoitx
fix Couple of broken links in docs for movers. Thanks to Ekin Gulen. benoitx
add Significant amount of unit tests added. benoitx
add Add mergerTimeStamp parameter for merge, can be used to ensure that the same timestamp is used across several types of stats merged. benoitx
add Add qalab.merge.timestampdateonly parameter in properties file for merge, this is useful if one wants to keep only a date in the file. Use it in conjunction with qalab.merge.action benoitx
add Add qalab.merge.action parameter in properties file for merge, can be useful if one runs the stats merger several times per day but want to keep only one set per day! The new set replaces the old set. benoitx

Release 0.7 - 2005-06-27

add First release. benoitx