Goal that handles the generation of a site report based on the data in the qalab.xml file.

Parameters for the goal:

Parameter Type Expression Default Value Description
inputFile (Optional) File ${project.basedir}/qalab.xml - The generated qalab.xml file.
moversBundledXsl (Optional) String - qalab-chart-xdoc.xsl The xslt stylesheet bundled, either qalab-chart-xdoc.xsl or qalab-chart-html.xsl.
outputDirectory String ${}/generated-site/xdoc/qalab - The directory where the generated html report will go. @ parameter expression="${project.reporting.outputDirectory}/qalab"
project MavenProject ${project} - The maven project.
siteRenderer (Optional) (Discovered) SiteRenderer - - Not sure what this is.
startTimeHoursOffset (Optional) String - 48 The number of hours to define the time window from now.
styleSheet (Optional) File - - The xslt style sheet.
types (Optional) String - checkstyle,pmd,pmd-cpd,findbugs,simian,cobertura-line,cobertura-branch Statistic types, defaulted to 'checkstyle,pmd,pmd-cpd,findbugs,simian,cobertura-line,cobertura-branch'.