Goal to create the mover XML file given the correct parameters. The movers report shows what has changed over the last "x" hours.

Parameters for the goal:

Parameter Type Expression Default Value Description
qalabFile (Optional) File ${project.basedir}/qalab.xml - The qalabFile, typically qalab.xml.
qalabMoversOutputFile (Optional) File ${}/qalab/qalab-movers.xml - The output XML file with ups and downs.
quiet (Optional) boolean - false If true then any debug logging output will be suppressed.
startTimeHoursOffset (Optional) String - 54 The number of hours to define the time window from now.
types (Optional) String - checkstyle,pmd,findbugs,cobertura-line,cobertura-branch Statistic types to be taken into account (checkstyle|findbugs|pmd|simian|pmd-cpd|cobertura-line|cobertura-branch). Or comma separated combinations. Default is checkstyle, pmd and findbugs. Please note that there is no point of adding pmd-cpd or Simian as no statistics are kept at file level for those.
weekendAdjustment (Optional) boolean - true if true, adjust for weekend ie add 48h if start time falls on a weekend.