Goal that handles the Cobertura Line statistics into qalab.xml, it should not request any tailoring if you use the Maven default for Cobertura.

Parameters for the goal:

Parameter Type Expression Default Value Description
dateOnly (Optional) boolean - true If true then use ONLY DATE for timestamp (use in conjunction action replace).
exporterClassName (Optional) String - net.objectlab.qalab.exporter.QALabXMLExporter An exporter class name.
handler (Optional) String - net.objectlab.qalab.parser.CoberturaLineStatMerge The fully qualified class name for the handler for the given statistics.
    The built-in handlers are:
  • net.objectlab.qalab.parser.CheckstyleStatMerge
  • net.objectlab.qalab.parser.PMDStatMerge
  • net.objectlab.qalab.parser.FindBugsStatMerge
  • net.objectlab.qalab.parser.SimianStatMerge
inputFile (Optional) File ${project.reporting.outputDirectory}/cobertura/coverage.xml - The file the whose values will be incorporated in the qalab.xml. This file will have been generated by Cobertura.
mergerTimeStamp (Optional) String - - The timestamp for the stats.
outputFile (Optional) File ${project.basedir}/qalab.xml - The merged properties file. By default this is generated into the root of the project as it is often checked into source control.
propertiesFile (Optional) File - - The properties file to use instead of setting them one by one.
quiet (Optional) boolean - false If true then any debug logging output will be suppressed.
srcDir (Optional) String ${} - The directory where the source code is.