Goal which generates the QALab BuildStat chart.

Parameters for the goal:

Parameter Type Expression Default Value Description
filePrefix (Optional) String - cobertura- File prefix for the charts (e.g. cobertura-) Default empty.
height (Optional) int - 500 The Chart height.
movingAverage (Optional) int - 0 If the movingAverage is <= 0 then there is no moving average, otherwise it shows the average based on the last n points, where n is the value of this field.
qalabFile File ${project.basedir}/qalab.xml - The QALab properties file.
quiet (Optional) boolean - false If true then any debug logging output will be suppressed.
summaryOnly (Optional) boolean - true If true then generate a summary chart only.
summaryTypes (Optional) String - cobertura-branch,cobertura-line Statistic type to appear on summary chart, defaulted to 'cobertura-branch,cobertura-line'.
toDir File ${project.reporting.outputDirectory}/qalab - The directory to put the chart.
types (Optional) String - checkstyle,pmd,findbugs,simian,pmd-cpd,cobertura-line,cobertura-branch Statistic type, defaulted to 'checkstyle,pmd,findbugs,simian,pmd-cpd,cobertura-line,cobertura-branch'.
width (Optional) int - 750 The Chart width.
xAxisSummaryTitle (Optional) String - Date X Axis Title for Summary
xAxisTitle (Optional) String - Date X Axis Title
yAxisSummaryTitle (Optional) String - Violation Count Y Axis Title for Summary
yAxisTitle (Optional) String - Violation Count / Coverage Percent Y Axis Title