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Release 2.2 - 2006-11-12

Maven 2 Plugin: Big thanks to Neil Bartlett for sorting out the XSLT to generate a nice summary table in xdoc (multi-columns).benoitx
Integrated the reports in the maven site (Oh Yes!!) via the generation of xdocs. This is now the default behaviour but one can still call the old stylesheets.benoitx
Changed default to use a DATE only (and replace stats if same date is found). a new config "dateOnly" allows you to change it.benoitx
Added multiple specialised Mojos for Checkstyle, pmd, Simian, Findbugs, Coberetura, PMD CPD in order to simplify the POM (i.e. no need to define where the input file is or the handler, unless you need to change the default maven values)benoitx
Changed default summaryOnly to false for chartsbenoitx
Added support for PMD CPD: Copy Paste Detectorbenoitx
Added support for Cobertura: cobertura-line and cobertura-branchbenoitx
Updated to use JFreeChart 1.0.2 and JCommon 1.0.5benoitx
Updated to use QALab 1.0benoitx

Release 2.1 - 2006-03-03

Updated to use QALab 0.8davesag

Release 2.0 - 2006-01-31

Added a cool feature.davesag