QALab Plugin Installation

As long as this plugin is not a standard Maven plugin, it must be installed either manually or via a dependency. This is very easy.


If you have a binary distribution of the plugin, just copy the plugin jar file to your $MAVEN_HOME/plugins directory. and the QALab jar file to $MAVEN_HOME/repository/net.objectlab/jars.

If you have a source distribution of the plugin, installing the plugin is just as easy. Just run

maven plugin:install

from the root directory of the unpacked distribution.

To enable the plugin add the following to your project.xml's /project/reports node:


For further details about how to use the plugin, see the Goals and Properties pages.

Via dependency

Add a QALab dependency to your project.xml file to have it automatically downloaded and installed:


Add a report reference to have QALab run during site generations. Place it at or near the end of the reports list so the other plugins' data is available to QALab: