Uses of Interface

Packages that use QALabExporter
net.objectlab.qalab.exporter This package contains the Exporters for the consolidated data, the basic one is an XML Exporter specific to qalab.xml but feel free to create your own. 
net.objectlab.qalab.parser This package contains the Handler class which uses SAX to process input XML. 

Uses of QALabExporter in net.objectlab.qalab.exporter

Classes in net.objectlab.qalab.exporter that implement QALabExporter
 class ConsoleExporter
          This is a basic exporter for debugging (it simply shows the exports on ConsoleLogger.
 class QALabXMLExporter
          This is the main exporter to an XML file following the QALab DTD.

Uses of QALabExporter in net.objectlab.qalab.parser

Methods in net.objectlab.qalab.parser with parameters of type QALabExporter
 void StatMerger.mergeStats(org.xml.sax.InputSource source, QALabExporter exporter)
          merge the stats from node to the combined stats document.
 void BaseStatMerge.mergeStats(org.xml.sax.InputSource source, QALabExporter qalabExporter)
          called by the ant task or the maven plug in.

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